Atom 582 Professional AV 2-Stroke Lawn Edger

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Model: Atom 582
Engine: Japanese TLE-33 Mitsubishi 2-Stroke engine 33cc. Certified to meet Euro5
emission requirements
Max power rating: 1.0kw (1.32hp)
Fuel: unleaded petrol – oil mix 50:1
Cutting blades: Exclusive 4-bladed hardened spring steel long life system 271mm
(10 2/3”) long
Max edging depth garden plots: 75mm (3”)
Wheel: Very manoeuvrable commercial rubber tyre wheel with premium sealed ball
Gear box reduction: 3.54:1 heavy duty hardened precision cut steel spiral ball bearings
Power Drive: Solid precision 12mm diameter shafts with 7 sealed ball bearings (no belts)
Positive 6 position wheel height adjustment arm with wear proof rubber bushings
Clutch system: Automatic centrifugal clutch
Weight: 8.5kg (19lbs)


  1. Trigger switch control with safety interlock.
  2. Strong steel tube handle bars.
  3. High quality Atom commercial engine (500+ hours). Designed and made in Australia with Australian and imported components. Includes –
    • 3 piece forged full crankshaft
    • Nickelsil-chrome cylinder
    • Dual piston rings
    • Long life quality
  4. Heavy duty automatic safety clutch with padded clutch shoes.
  5. Easy lifting carrying handle.
  6. All Position height adjustment.
  7. Edge Guide.
  8. Exclusive 4-blade cutting system. Longest 271mm (102/3”) hardened steel blades for smoother operation, longer life and neater cutting.
  9. Constant height spring return pivoting debris deflector.
  10. Large, easy rolling 150mm (6”) wheel with wheel-barrow manoeuvrability.
  11. Fully enclosed blades guard.
  12. Precision ground solid steel drive shaft with hardened precision. Spiral Bevel 3.54:1 reduction gears for high torque to drive long blades. Ball bearings used throughout.
  13. Cross brace for extra stability.
  14. Comfortable air cushion bio-rubber handle grips.