The Bushranger SRTXD series is a heavy-duty commercial mower that eats up lawns of all sizes with ease and comes packed with premium features that are all included as standard, and truly make the Bushranger SRTXD stand out from the rest. Features like the premium commercial grade Kawasaki FX1000V, 35 hp engine. Or safety features like being perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity combined with GT Trac for the best traction on inclines. Then there is the easy touch brake system, the foot assist easy-lift deck, and the ergonomic cockpit, with all controls in easy reach. On top of this all SRTXD series mowers come equipped with a Smart Ride Technology package. Including upgraded custom-built seats which are adjustable for operator weight and up and down movement. The middle and back Elastomer TecsPak® and front neoprene cushioning in the seat absorbs any shocks or bumps. This along with the soft ride front and rear radial tyres and the very clever frame design with independent rear coil springs makes the SRTXD one of the smoothest and most comfortable riding mowers available. When you combine all these features plus the large fuel tank together it will have you happily, safely and comfortably mowing for hours, without having to stop until the jobs done.



  • Kawasaki FX1000V premium and commercial grade V-Twin engine.
  • Engine guard.
  • 20.92 kph Top speed.
  • 35.96 Litres fuel capacity.
  • Heavy duty fabricated steel, 6” deep, reinforced 7ga XTF (Xtreme Turf Flow) deck.
  • Change on the go deck height dial with shock-assisted deck foot lift.
  • Cast aluminium sealed spindles with four bearings per spindle.
  • Long lasting deck belts are designed with large idler pulleys to minimise wear.
  • Vibration control deck system.
  • Fabricated heavy-duty steel frame.
  • ZTR is perfectly balanced with low centre of gravity.
  • GT-Trac for precision traction, balance and control on inclines.
  • Parker HTG 16cc wheel motors.
  • Foot-operated parking brake.
  • Control panel with LCD display, an engine hour meter, mower deck hour meter and tachometer.
  • Push-start keypad.
  • 12v outlet.
  • Large cup holder.
  • Phone Holder.
  • Deep storage tray.
  • Steering: Twin-lever steering provides independent control of each drive wheel.
  • Stress relief pads – reduces arm fatigue.
  • Smart Ride Technology package.
  • Seat – TBC-3 TecsPak elastomer dampeners with 360 floating seat system.
  • 24″ drive tyres – turf radials.
  • 13″ front caster tyres – radial.
  • Tow Hitch.
  • 10” LED light.



All specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Domestic Warranty

    3 Years / 500 Hours Domestic Warranty (whichever comes first)

  • Commercial Warranty

    2 Years / Unlimited Hours Commercial Warranty /

  • Hire/Rental Warranty

    No Hire / Rental Warranty

  • Engine

    Kawasaki FX1000V

  • Horsepower

    35.0 hp (26.1 kW) @ 3600 rpm (Please Note: Horsepower rating as tested to SAE J1995 Standards)

  • Fuel Capacity

    35.96 Litres

  • Dry Weight

    569 kg (1254.4 lbs)

  • Fuel

    Unleaded fuel – maximum of 10% ethanol in fuel (see engine manufacturers specifications)

  • Drive System

    Parker HTG 16cc wheel motors

  • Ground Speed – Forward

    Infinitely variable 0-20.92 kph

  • Ground Speed – Reverse


  • Brakes

    Foot-operated parking brake

  • Caster Tyres

    13”, Radial

  • Tyres – Drive

    24” Turf radials

  • Seat

    TCB-3 TecsPak Elastomer Dampeners with 360 Floating System

  • Hour Meter


  • Seat Suspension

    Seat suspension rubbers are standard

  • Height

    75″ (1905 mm) With ROPS or 54” (1371.6 mm) Folding ROPS Down

  • Width

    73.5″ (1866.9 mm) w/discharge chute up

  • Deck System

    Side-Discharge: 72″ (1829 mm) cut. (3) Blades, deck is suspended at two points at the rear and two in front. Includes deck-mounted anti-scalp wheel(s) to improve flotation in rolling and uneven terrain.

  • Cutting Widths

    72″ (1829 mm) cut side discharge

  • Deck Lift

    Foot-operated with shock assist

  • Deck Construction – Fabricated 7 Gauge with 7 gauge spindle mounts and 9/16 impact bar

  • Cutting Height(s) – Change on the go deck height dial with shock-assisted deck foot lift. 1.5” to 5.5” (38.1 mm to 139.7 mm) with 15 adjustable cut heights in between plus travel lock

  • Blade(s) – (3) Heavy-duty blades

  • Blade Tip Speed – 18,769 fpm / 5,720.79 mpm

  • Discharge Chute – High density, rubberised

  • Length – 84″ (2133.6 mm)

  • Open Deck – Grass clears deck and discharge chute more easily due to the design (No restricting bar on the discharge side)

  • Smart Ride Technology Package – Radial tyres, a premium upgraded seat that is adjustable for operator weight and up and down movement, and independent rear coil springs.