A Brief History

Cairns Mower & Engine Centre was purchased by the Vigor family back in 1978 when the business was located on Sheridan Street, Cairns. The business had been successfully operating for approx ten years and had been built upon a philosophy of ‘Quality Customer Service”. 

As business grew and space started to become limited, a major decision was made to sell the Sheridan St store and build a state of the art modern showroom and mechanical workshop. The vision was to remove the banner of a mower store being a ‘small dusty store’ and build a modern, purpose built building, and offer a level of professionalism and retail not seen in the industry. A decision was also made to simplify the company name, so in December 1989 ‘Cairns Mower City’ was opened at the new architect designed premises on the corner of Martyn & Minnie Sts, Cairns.

Though the premises has got bigger Cairns Mower City has continued to offer the same one-on-one friendly customer service that has been the success of it’s growth. Nearly 30 years on and 3 generations later the company now supplies outdoor power equipment to not only the local market but also interstate and overseas.

A major investment has been made in building and developing an international e-commerce website at www.cairnsmowercity.com that displays one of the largest range of outdoor power equipment in Australia including colour photo’s, prices and full specifications.

In 2002 the company decided that after many years of solid association with the MSAA (Mower Specialists Association of Australia) they would repaint the exterior of the store in the ‘Green & Gold” colour of the MSAA. The strong colour identity is often used as a locater by customers who look for the large green and gold building down from the local KFC.

The extensive on the floor range!

Over 40 models of mowers on the floor, ready to go!

Our ride-on range is second to none!

Our Greatest Strength – Our People

One of the main reasons for the companies growth and success has been to employ qualified staff who give that little extra for the customer. Sales staff are trained to explain the ‘pro’s and con’s’ of a product so that the customer can make an informed decision prior to a purchase. All mechanics are trained to ensure all service and repair work is fixed right the first time.