Rancher 547/38 Ride On Mower

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The Rover Rancher 38 Auto Drive features a powerful 547cc Rover OHV engine with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind, and a 97cm (38″) side discharge deck.

With its foot operated automatic CVT transmission, driving this mower is as easy as driving your car.  With convenient foot pedals for forward, reverse and brake.

The Rancher 38 Auto Drive is ideal for mowing large blocks.  It can be fitted with an optional mulch plug or catcher for extra versatility or a bumper bar if required.

Engine –  547cc Rover OHV
Transmission –  Automatic Foot Operated CVT Transmission
Deck –  96cm (38″) side discharge
Deck Wash –  No
PTO –  Manual
Cruise Control –  No
Catcher –  Optional
RMC(Reverse) –  Yes
Seat –  Low back
Steering –  Standard
Fuel Tank –  5.7 Litres
Mulch Kit –  Optional
Front Tyres –  15.00 x 6.00
Rear Tyres –  20.00 x 8.00
Shipping Dimensions  – 180cm x 90cm
Shipping Weight –  203kg
Warranty Unit –  5 year domestic, 90 day commercial
Warranty Engine –  5 year domestic, 90 day commercial


*NOTE: Main image shows previous model 547/38 (identical except for hand hydro transmission)